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The 6000G and 8000G Products fit 6" Diameter and 8" Diameter Exhaust Flue Sizes respectively.   



All Good Solutions offers innovative products that make life easier, less expensive, and more efficient. Our patented "Flue Furnace" recovers 98% of the heat normally lost out the exhaust flue of a gas fired heater.



AGS-6000 and AGS-8000

 Choose the AGS-6000, for six inch diameters flue applications, or the AGS-8000 for eight inch diameter "Flue Furnace"  applications. 


The payback can be as short as one heating season depending on the application. Simple design assures easy maintenance. Can be installed in two axis, in either horizontal or vertically flue applications,  


Please call us to discuss your application.


AGS-6000 - Heat Reclaimer & Energy Saver, Fits 6


AGS-8000 - Heat Reclaimer & Energy Saver Fits 8